South Florida Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate

Buying a property is a major investment.  Real estate lawyer Jonathan R. Rubin takes the time to explain all facets of the transaction.  Anyone buying or selling property must be made aware of the laws effecting the transaction.  For example, a buyer must be aware that he or she must apply for a mortgage within five days to avoid waiving the finance contingency clause.  Moreover, a buyer must know that if property inspections are not conducted within 10 days, the inspection contingency would be waived. Further, if the second deposit is not made within the prescribed time, a buyer would be deemed in breach of contract.  Thus, Florida law may not excuse a buyer who does not follow the terms and condition contained in the sales contract.  The result is that a buyer may end up losing his or her deposit or may be sued for specific performance. The law firm of Jonathan R. Rubin, P.A. advises a buyer from negotiating the sales contract all the way through the closing.  The firm even handles post-closing issues that may arise such as an escrow dispute.  When representing a seller, the law firm of Jonathan R. Rubin, P.A. ensures that any title issues are resolved prior to closing. The firm also prepares the seller’s documents and attends the closing with the seller.